It's time we practice a little self-love and allow ourselves some forgiveness.  I'm thinking there are pheromones released the moment a woman gives birth and the natural occurrence of mother-guilt is executed and it is with us for all our days.  Maybe it's just me but I remember crying at night after getting my kiddos … Continue reading FOR MOTHERS ONLY


Sometime last year I listened to the audio version of the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  It is a great book with some wonderful tips on cleaning up, clearing out, and organizing your home.  I loved how the author gives permission to let go of the things that are … Continue reading SPRING CLEANING


There used to be a television commercial with a little cartoon fish named Charlie.  Charlie the Tuna.  He was always getting all blingy and fancy schmancy (yes that’s a word) as he strived to be “caught” by the Star-Kist company.  He wore his little red beret and his big movie star of the sixties glasses … Continue reading GOOD TASTE


I love hearing the stories our customers share about their home projects.  It’s fun to see the passion and excitement that goes into a new build or home remodel.  Sometimes it’s a giant project on a giant of a house but recently it was a story about a little house that reminded me of our early … Continue reading LITTLE HOUSE