I love Bartlett Street. Specifically, 305 North Bartlett.  I love my neighbors here and it has been great fun getting to know the community that was here long before we arrived.  Our little store is quickly becoming my home away from home and as I dive deeper into all things home décor I go to … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE


Sometime last year I listened to the audio version of the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  It is a great book with some wonderful tips on cleaning up, clearing out, and organizing your home.  I loved how the author gives permission to let go of the things that are … Continue reading SPRING CLEANING


There used to be a television commercial with a little cartoon fish named Charlie.  Charlie the Tuna.  He was always getting all blingy and fancy schmancy (yes that’s a word) as he strived to be “caught” by the Star-Kist company.  He wore his little red beret and his big movie star of the sixties glasses … Continue reading GOOD TASTE


I love hearing the stories our customers share about their home projects.  It’s fun to see the passion and excitement that goes into a new build or home remodel.  Sometimes it’s a giant project on a giant of a house but recently it was a story about a little house that reminded me of our early … Continue reading LITTLE HOUSE


The first time I laid eyes on my “first home” I was euphoric. My babies and I were living in one room in my parent’s house and I desperately wanted a place of our own. I could not wait to get them nestled in and make this place our cozy haven. We were HOME.