10,000 WORDS

Many years ago, a dear friend, who was going through a divorce, gave my husband a book on marriage.  Our friend had learned so much from the book, but it was too little too late for his marriage.  Learning from his mistakes, it was important to him that our own marriage didn't get into trouble.  … Continue reading 10,000 WORDS


I love Bartlett Street. Specifically, 305 North Bartlett.  I love my neighbors here and it has been great fun getting to know the community that was here long before we arrived.  Our little store is quickly becoming my home away from home and as I dive deeper into all things home décor I go to … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE


The first time I laid eyes on my “first home” I was euphoric. My babies and I were living in one room in my parent’s house and I desperately wanted a place of our own. I could not wait to get them nestled in and make this place our cozy haven. We were HOME.