It is here!! That official weekend that kicks off summer.  A federal holiday that gives many of us a guilt-free Monday off.  BBQs, camping trips, fun runs and parades.  We Americans do love our celebrations. What is Memorial Day? According to a collection of articles I found on the subject, sometime in 1868 a Union … Continue reading LET FREEDOM RING


It's time we practice a little self-love and allow ourselves some forgiveness.  I'm thinking there are pheromones released the moment a woman gives birth and the natural occurrence of mother-guilt is executed and it is with us for all our days.  Maybe it's just me but I remember crying at night after getting my kiddos … Continue reading FOR MOTHERS ONLY

10,000 WORDS

Many years ago, a dear friend, who was going through a divorce, gave my husband a book on marriage.  Our friend had learned so much from the book, but it was too little too late for his marriage.  Learning from his mistakes, it was important to him that our own marriage didn't get into trouble.  … Continue reading 10,000 WORDS


I love Bartlett Street. Specifically, 305 North Bartlett.  I love my neighbors here and it has been great fun getting to know the community that was here long before we arrived.  Our little store is quickly becoming my home away from home and as I dive deeper into all things home décor I go to … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE