More Than A Charcuterie Board

Most of us have been wowed by a beautiful charcuterie board at some point in our lives. Even if we can’t pronounce it, we can agree they’re a beautiful way to display snacks! But what if there’s more to these fancy blocks of wood than meets the eye?

This week we partnered up with Jamie Cota from Bohemian Jones to talk about the multiple uses of our new and unique rectangle Charcuterie Boards. First inspired by The Reluctant Entertainer, Jamie had some great ideas to multi purpose these babies and she totally blew our minds! Here’s a few ideas she came up with, we hope they inspire you!

IMG_9796Put it on your patio with plants and citronella candles.

IMG_9717Fill it with Easter goodies for your holiday get together.

at_1_0DDF30BC-BD26-4F1B-883D-41F8386D975EUse it as a bar station… also comes in handy for family gatherings. (wink wink)

at_0_03105E2B-99FB-4135-A9BD-9B6C0B5EBC35Put some parchment on the bottom and load it with snack
for your next movie night or sporting event.

Of course there are so many other options including:
+ Cinco de Mayo tray equipped with your favorite margaritas, chips and salsa.
+ Coffee Bar
+ Kids Art Supplies
+ Bathtub Tray
+ Book Tray
…And whatever else you can think up!

Check out our video in our instagram stories… We’d love to see how use use your boards! Come grab one of these beauties from the shop and then tag us in your picture and we’ll share it with our Pretty In Paint Insta Community!

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