IMG_3393One of the hardest parts of owning a retail store when you are a fly by the seat of the pants personality, is having to stay one to two seasons ahead of the one we are in.  You may or may not have noticed my blog contributions came to a screeching halt a couple of months ago for several reasons, not the least of which is time management.   I find myself chasing after the next season like a gum wrapper in the wind.

Now as we enter into our full fledged, fabulous fall, I’m feeling not just the pressure of other retailers already flaunting their decked out halls, but my incessant inner rebel needing to fight back.  Admittedly, I am getting excited for Christmas as we unpack our huge yuletide inventory.  HOWEVER, as I work hard at being intentionally in THIS moment, in the “today,” skipping over October and November in order to not miss out on the almighty profit side of the profit and loss statement feels like a dent in my moral compass.

My husband came home one day several years ago declaring that he forbade me to shop at any store that displayed Christmas before Thanksgiving was over.  He knew this was an ill-Informed declaration for several reasons;

  • He is an intelligent man who knows better than to start any sentence to me with”I FORBID YOU TO…” as those words bring out the wagging finger, bobble head thing I do when I’m severely agitated.
  • He would risk starving and doing without any number of needful things (I couldn’t leave the house if I was in observance of this declaration.)

Every year I exhaust my brain trying to remove the commercialism from our family’s Christmas season and every year I fail. I fall under the retailer’s spell and I make impulse purchases in a frenzy.  I break into a sweat and feel a bit ‘less-than’ when the social media feed is filled with: “All done with my Christmas shopping!”and it’s barely October.

As a small business owner this year we are attempting to not get caught up in the frenzy. While you will see our beautiful Christmas before Thanksgiving, we are taking a stand to honor FALL. After the disappointment of our summer being ravaged by fire season, we want to be in these moments of bright beautiful, even rainy days of Southern Oregon’s autumn. We are loving the spectacle of nature’s grand finale and for a few more weeks we are going to revel in it.  If you are on the hunt for fall wreaths and garlands, or pumpkins in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors (I love our white ones), or some fun Halloween, or Thanksgiving table decor, pop by and see us. If it’s Santa you’re seeking we are happy to refer you to the other guys for now because at Pretty in Paint we’re just happy it’s another lovely day in October.


4 thoughts on “ODE TO FALL

  1. Wren Smart says:

    The battle is real in retail. When I had a small shop in Old Town Florence, I was the hold out. I would close the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, paper the windows and flip the entire store into Christmas mode. Then I would leave the paper up, spend Thanksgiving with family and go in Friday bright and early for the “Big Reveal” when the paper came down and the Wren’s Nest was suddenly a Christmas wonderland. It gave my customers (and me) something to look forward to. Some of my fondest memories!

    • Cindy Conner says:

      Ohh that sounds lovely! It’s a tricky thing this retail biz! Thank you for your input. I’m tucking that little pearl of info away😍

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