Heck With Tradition!

Transitioning from summer into fall doesn’t haven’t to be so predictable décor wise. I love thinking outside of the box. I’m not going to scatter pumpkins in every nook & cranny because that’s what I’ve always known. Nope! Not this year! Trust me, that is something that I had done time and time again because that’s what I had always seen in the magazines, and that’s what my mama did! This year I’m going to decorate for fall in a way that vibes with my life & my family. Fall doesn’t have to mean pumpkins. Fall doesn’t have to mean ORANGE. This is the fun part about decorating. You get to call the shots. You’re the one living there, so make the space your own!

Shocker that I’m not decorating with only neutrals this season. Although creamy whites and yummy neutrals are my jam, I save those for my big investment pieces like my couch, rugs and furniture. Pieces that are easily changed out like throws, pillows and décor are easy (and more affordable) to switch out. This fall I’ll be adding burgundy, blush, copper and cozy velvets to my décor for a fall vibe.

I picked some pomegranates up at the store this evening to throw in a wooden bowl on my dining table for a simple centerpiece & I love it! The pop of burgundy mixed with wood is exactly how I had envisioned it.  I’ve also seen others incorporate florals and fall foliage for a more over the top look. Look out pumpkins, there’s a new sheriff in town & it’s the pomegranate! Adding throws and mixing textiles takes your fall comfort to a whole new level! Chunky knits, crushed velvet, chenille… oh my!

Possibly my favorite way to add warmth around this time of year is to incorporate wood elements. Whether it be in a cutting board, old crate, or even just a pile of firewood 15b1474b103695d978292c8af6d3097dstacked up next to your fireplace (real or faux), wood accents are sure to bring the cozy!

Another fun way to change up your space, and my next weekend project, is to put your plants in terracotta pots. Again, real or faux, I love the warm, boho vibe this gives off with the pottery. I can’t wait to share how this project turns out!

If you take anything away from this blog today, I hope that it is motivation to decorate in the way that YOU want, and not because of what tradition says. Happy decorating!Fall décor inspiration photo courteous of Pinterest.


Lacey moved to the Rogue Valley 14 years ago after meeting the love of her life. She spent 10 years working in the beauty industry until she landed her dream job when becoming a full time stay at home mom to her family of 5. While her newborn twins slept, she taught herself the art of modern calligraphy, which soon turned into hand painted wood signs. Ponderosa & Plaid was born when she combined her love of interior design, modern lettering & motherhood. Being a mother of 3 littles, she loves to find ways to decorate and DIY on a budget. She’s a self proclaimed homebody who can be found fixing up her 50’s ranch into the modern, faux farmhouse of her dreams, one DIY at a time!



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