Creating A Cozy Space

I take so much pride in creating a comfortable, welcoming home.

When someone pops over and says, “Oh my gosh, it feels so good in here!” My day is made. Better yet, when they say, “Oh man! SMELLS so good in here!” Little do they know right around the corner in my twin’s room is a diaper bin (most of the time) over flowing with dirty diapers. It takes a lot of work to cover up that stench, so when my hard word is recognized I do a little happy dance in my head!

I’m sharing with you my tried and true, TOP FIVE tips for creating your very own space that is welcoming and cozy!


Texture in your curtains, rugs, pillows, table chargers and most importantly your throw blankets! Find the ones with poms, tassels and the ones that feel like heaven! Speaking of throw blankets, scatter them EVERYWHERE! Store them in cabinets, hanging on blanket ladders, or just drape them over the arm of your chair.


Candles & Lighting

Candles not only give off a delicious smell, but they create a soft, comforting glow. I typically have a candle going in every room, at all times! A couple candle tips: Keep them all a cohesive smell so you’re not going from Bahama mama in the kitchen to pumpkin bliss in the living room. I also only shop for neutral color candles to keep it easy on the eyes. Meaning… WHITE! I’m sorry Pretty Plumeria, your bright pink color just doesn’t go with my color scheme. But my BIGGEST piece of advice on buying candles is to not go too cheap. $5  candles are easy on the pocketbook, but they can leave black smoke marks on your ceilings and don’t last as long.

Overhead, bright lighting can be a buzz kill. Create a comfortable space with a couple lamps that make reaching for a book and curling up with a blanket a no brainer! The bonus is that lamps can bring so much character into your space! They’re also small enough that you can stretch your design wings and try something fun and different without overwhelming your space.


Magazines & Books.

Speaking of curling up with a book, keep your favorite reads in easy reach.  Just like in a Dr’s office, your guests might want to relax by flipping through the pages of an interesting read. I collect my favorite magazines and hold on to them for their unique covers. It’s like a little piece of art on your end table!



Keep kids toys in oversized woven baskets. They’re easy on the eye and hides #allthethings .

This makes cleanup time quick and easy for those unexpected guests! I don’t know about you, but I just think more clearly when my home is clean and organized.


Natural Elements.

Whether it be wooden crates, a pallet wall or a house plant, adding warm, natural elements add so much warmth to your space. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can find some really realistic greenery in your local shopping spots.


Creating a cozy, welcoming space is not about keeping a perfectly clean space. In fact, if it’s TOO TIDY, your guests might feel a little uncomfortable that they might mess up your feng shui. I like my home lived in. After all, my favorite people in the entire world are under this roof! We LIVE here! We play here, we make MEMORIES here. There’s dishes in the sink, dirty diapers in the bin and probably a week overdue on cleaning our toilets if I’m being honest. Ok…2 weeks. My point is, if you create a cozy, welcoming environment, your house guests and loved ones aren’t going to focus on what’s out of place. They’re going to feel alllll the feels & recognize the love you’ve poured into your home to make it the cozy, welcoming, and the unique space that it is.



Lacey moved to the Rogue Valley 14 years ago after meeting the love of her life. She spent 10 years working in the beauty industry until she landed her dream job when becoming a full time stay at home mom to her family of 5. While her newborn twins slept, she taught herself the art of modern calligraphy, which soon turned into hand painted wood signs. Ponderosa & Plaid was born when she combined her love of interior design, modern lettering & motherhood. Being a mother of 3 littles, she loves to find ways to decorate and DIY on a budget. She’s a self proclaimed homebody who can be found fixing up her 50’s ranch into the modern, faux farmhouse of her dreams, one DIY at a time!



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