Decorating With Barbie

I’ve always loved to decorate by thinking slightly outside of the box. Coming from a kid who used to hang barbies from her ceiling and blow up pool toys for extra seating in my bedroom…I guess it would be considered a bit more than thinking outside of the box. Some may call it weird. But HEY! I decorated my space as a kid with the things I had on hand, and made it a comfortable place for ME. I carried this into adulthood. No, I don’t have weird barbies hanging from my ceiling anymore, haha, but I do decorate with items I have on hand in a way that they weren’t always intended to be used.  One thing that hasn’t changed is I’m not afraid to try something new or different. If I don’t like it, I can take it down. If I put one too many holes in the wall, I can patch them and paint.  Nothing is absolutely permanent, and because I know that, I feel like I can let my creativity flag FLY when it comes to home décor!

I’m going to share with you a few of my FAVORITE things I’ve done in my current home. I’ve tried LOTS. Just ask my husband!  Some have stuck around, and some have been a major flop!

  1. I can ALWAYS find a use for an old antique bed frame. Actually, the first 4 examples are ways that I’ve upcycled an old bed, that’s how much I love it! I attached an old iron headboard to the ceiling in our laundry room to use as a way to hang dry my husbands work shirts. Just kidding! I hung it up there because I thought it was a fun, colorful addition to the laundry room. But I got Andy to help me by telling him all his shirts will forever be perfectly pressed. Poor guy!

  1. The second way I used an old head board was to screw it sideways to a blank wall in our kitchen and bought hooks to hang coffee mugs on the bars.

  1. The 3rd and most used upcycle I’ve ever done was attaching an antique footboard with rolling casters to my wall and use it as a swinging baby gate to the entrance of my kitchen.

  1. The last thing I did with an old bed frame was to turn it into a faux fireplace. I actually made two of these, one for my office and one in my master bedroom. I pick these old bed frames up at yard sales or out thrifting. The faux fireplaces create such a fun and cozy element to an otherwise blank wall.

  1. I love decorating with old books. The color, texture, everything about them! I think I have a stack of vintage books in every room in my house. I don’t have a knife block and my knives just get thrown into a drawer in my kitchen, so I solved this problem by stacking a few of my favorite vintage books together, tied them off with some twine and slid my knives in between the pages.

  1. There seems to be free pallets on every other corner of the street. I picked up a pallet, cut it in half and sanded it up. I screwed them to the wall in my boy’s room and filled it with their books. Instant book shelf, but with tons of character!

  1. Basket walls are SO easy! There’s no right or wrong way to create them. Lay them out on your floor first to get a good idea of the layout you want, then either use command strips or tiny finishing nails to create a work of art! Instantly adds warmth and texture.

  1. The last thing on my list is switching out the boards on my open shelving in my kitchen with crates and toolboxes. I fill the crates up with our drinking glasses and fill the toolbox full of my coffee supplies up on the top.

Now that I’ve showed you a few of my favorite “outside of the box” décor ideas, I hope it makes you look at the stuff sitting out in your garage a little differently. Anything can be upcycled and turned into décor. Well…maybe not barbies 😉


Lacey moved to the Rogue Valley 14 years ago after meeting the love of her life. She spent 10 years working in the beauty industry until she landed her dream job when becoming a full time stay at home mom to her family of 5. While her newborn twins slept, she taught herself the art of modern calligraphy, which soon turned into hand painted wood signs. Ponderosa & Plaid was born when she combined her love of interior design, modern lettering & motherhood. Being a mother of 3 littles, she loves to find ways to decorate and DIY on a budget. She’s a self proclaimed homebody who can be found fixing up her 50’s ranch into the modern, faux farmhouse of her dreams, one DIY at a time!



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