We have a treat on the blog for you today!  Lacey Farber from Ponderosa And Plaid has graciously agreed to join our team as a once a month contributor to the blog in the DIY realm.   As the wife to Andy and the busy mama to twin toddler boys, Maverick and Atticus, and kindergarten daughter, Emrie, Lacey still manages to restore their 50’s era house into her own version of farmhouse style one room at a time.  I first met Lacey when she and Andy joined our Barnstormer Vintage Fair family with their sign booth.  This girl makes the most amazing signs!  Her talent, energy and resourcefulness for creating a lovely home on a budget, is going to be a fun addition and I am looking so forward to getting to know her better.

xox Cindy


My attitude towards my own home was getting a little “stale”. Whether it be from the post Christmas blues, (ya know, when you take down ALL the Christmas décor and you’re left with…well nothing!) or the fact that I had been sucked into a winter HOLE and was trying to crawl my way out…I wasn’t feeling my own home.

I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was that made me change my perspective, but once I was determined to fall in LOVE with my OWN HOME again, amazing things started happening.

First things first, I took a walk around my home and picked ONE spot to start with. The spot that bugged me the MOST! Mine happened to be a small corner in my kitchen. My dream was to have a cozy kitchen nook for my entire family to gather at, but doubt kept telling me that I wasn’t equipped to make that dream a reality. I created a nook situation to the best of what I thought my abilities were for 3 years. I decorated the nook with a wine barrel table and two pub height chairs. Cozy? Not in the least. A place for two people to sit and keep me company as I cook? Sure. So it served its purpose until I told my self-doubt to kick rocks!

When I brought it up to my hubby on one Sunday morning, and he agreed…I knew I had to jump on the opportunity before he changed his mind. I had no plans, and “winging it” is how we’ve completed our DIY projects best. With no plan in place, we just started. We gathered wood from the garage from past projects which mostly consisted of 2×4’s and started measuring and cutting. Before we knew it, we had built a base. Holy crap! It actually resembled a bench!

By the end of the day we had fully built in the structure, painted it, and styled it with fluffy pillows just in time to snap a photo before the sun went down. With 3 small children, we know how to get a project done fast, and thankfully for us, that Sunday we were blessed with an extra long nap time!

I found a table that fit the space perfectly and spent the next week decorating and tweaking the nook. Each day my husband would come home from work and I would follow him into the kitchen to make sure and catch his reaction when he saw all the new things I had added. Creating this nook re-lit a fire within me. A creative fire!

I poured love into one spot, and then just kept going! Small tweaks here, a furniture switch-a-roo there…with each spot that I tackled, I was falling more and more in love with my own home again.

My stale attitude has been out shined by my newfound gratitude for this roof over our heads thanks to a little change in perspective.


Lacey moved to the Rogue Valley 14 years ago after meeting the love of her life. She spent 10 years working in the beauty industry until she landed her dream job when becoming a full time stay at home mom to her family of 5. While her newborn twins slept, she taught herself the art of modern calligraphy, which soon turned into hand painted wood signs. Ponderosa & Plaid was born when she combined her love of interior design, modern lettering & motherhood. Being a mother of 3 littles, she loves to find ways to decorate and DIY on a budget. She’s a self proclaimed homebody who can be found fixing up her 50’s ranch into the modern, faux farmhouse of her dreams, one DIY at a time!



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