Self-love & self-care… I think they go hand in hand. It wasn’t until January 1, 2018 (I know, so cliché) that I decided I was worth the effort of taking better care of myself. As a mother, friend, daughter, wife, heck! As a human being, we can put ourselves last, focusing on everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from doing that is that I can’t pour from an empty cup. When I’ve given everything that I have to give and am too tired to take care of myself at the end of the day, no one wins. In fact, everyone is worse off because of it. I’m cranky and my husband and kids get the brunt of my frustration.

I started keeping a list in my phone of acts of self-care and self-love that lit a fire within me, and just made me feel GOOD.  Mostly small things during the day that I would do that gave me an extra little oomph to power through, and I’m going to share them with YOU because we owe ourselves the love that we so freely give to everyone else.

  1. Limit social media time. This was a biggie! Because my “job” has a lot to do with having a presence on social media, I would spend a lot of my day checking messages and feeling like I had to answer them right away (see, people pleaser!) Every time I would get a notification I would grab my phone to check it and this was getting exhausting. Not to mention that If I got interrupted while trying to concentrate on what I was responding with…Lord have mercy! SO! I turned off all notifications and allowed some down time to post and chat freely when my boys are napping, or after my kids have all gone to bed. I set guidelines for myself to follow and feel so much less stressed by creating that boundary.
  1. Do your hair &/or makeup for the day. For almost an entire year, adjusting to stay at home mom life, I didn’t think this was a priority… until I MADE myself a priority again. I thought to myself, why even bother? I don’t go anywhere and no one sees me. Truth of the matter is, I just feel better when I have a little color on my cheeks and mascara on my lashes. So now when my boys get put up in their highchairs for breakfast, I take a little time to put some makeup on. Having a routine that I stick to helps me ensure that I have that time carved out for myself.
  1. Schedule walks, coffee, wine, & shopping dates with friends. Whatever your flavor is, get out of the house with a buddy and catch up! Cabin fever is REALL ya’ll!
  1. Speaking of walking, I walk at least 30 minutes every morning. Its so good for my soul to have some fresh air and my boys appreciate it too. We listen to music and talk about big trucks that pass by and point out the birds and the moon.
  1. DANCE! You probably know this about me already…I LOVE to dance. Like…dance like nobody is watching dance even though I post it in my IG stories for everyone to see. My favorite station is Today’s top hits. I get stress relief and a little workout in at the same time. Win Win.
  1. Create a nighttime routine. Shower or wash your face, do a mask, tweeze your eyebrows, moisturize and spray yourself with a little perfume. Take your vitamins, drink your tea and catch up on your latest Real Housewives show. Ahhhh I’m daydreaming that it’s bed time riiiiight now! This is the perfect way to unwind from the day.
  1. Learn to say NO. It doesn’t take much to overwhelm me, and because I’m a people pleaser, I always want to say yes. But taking on too many projects, again, turns me into a grouchy hag! The first couple of times I said no to someone I felt bad and wanted to over explain myself. But here’s the thing. A simple no is OK! No explanation necessary.
  1. Get your hands dirty and plant some flowers. Not with your kids! Haha. There’s a time and place for that circus. If you’re carving time out of your day for some self-care, you might not want your kiddos ripping the heads off your flowers. Play some tunes and pretty up your yard. I even get a little dancing in when I do this. My neighbors must think I’m pretty special.
  1. Wake up 20 minutes early to enjoy a full, HOT cup of coffee. Or if you’re a cold brew lover like myself, take the extra time to enjoy your coffee in silence.
  1. Light candles. I am happier when my home smells YUMMY. I just am. It could look like a tornado hit our home…but If I’ve got a coconut candle burning, life is great!
  1. Carry a water bottle or jug around with you all day and keep filling it up. Hydrate! Add lemon wedges or cucumber slices if you’re feeling daring 😉

These are just a few things that I’ve done and keep repeating because it fills my love tank up and makes me feel better physically and emotionally. I challenge you to try a few of them for yourself. Create your own list on your phone and pay attention to how it makes you feel. You are worth pouring every bit of love into YOURSELF that you give to others.

XOXO Lacey


Lacey moved to the Rogue Valley 14 years ago after meeting the love of her life. She spent 10 years working in the beauty industry until she landed her dream job when becoming a full time stay at home mom to her family of 5. While her newborn twins slept, she taught herself the art of modern calligraphy, which soon turned into hand painted wood signs. Ponderosa & Plaid was born when she combined her love of interior design, modern lettering & motherhood. Being a mother of 3 littles, she loves to find ways to decorate and DIY on a budget. She’s a self proclaimed homebody who can be found fixing up her 50’s ranch into the modern, faux farmhouse of her dreams, one DIY at a time!




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